Fall Skincare

I hate to admit it, fall is upon us and I’m really not ready for summer to be over.  With the change of seasons, we all know we have to change our wardrobe, but we never think to change our skincare. Updating your skincare in the fall is crucial to keep your skin looking it’s best because it goes through some major physiological changes when the leaves start to turn red and yellow, and before we turn on our heaters. Continue reading “Fall Skincare”

Menopause: What the heck happened to my skin!?!?

Menopause has to be one of the least favorite words in the English language, we all know what it means but many don’t realize how it will effect our skin and what we can do about it.

A woman’s skin and hair growth are so incredibly tied to our estrogen production, any woman that’s watched a teenage boy’s skin texture change during puberty knows that estrogen keeps women beardless with soft skin, and our pores much smaller than our male counterparts. Estrogen keeps structural strength and fluid balance to the skin by increasing GAGs (glycosaminoglycans: carbohydrates in the skin that give support to collagen and elastin by helping fibers retain moisture). Estrogens also act as an anti-inflammatory on the skin making perimenopausal/menopausal skin more prone to a red and blotchy appearance.  In Menopause, the loss of some adipose tissue (fat), reduced collagen and elastin production along with less blood flow to the skin give skin a sallow, pale and more wrinkled appearance. Continue reading “Menopause: What the heck happened to my skin!?!?”

Summer Skin Dehydration

I know it sounds crazy, dehydrated skin in summer, but it’s a reality for so many of us.  Summer time in the Midwest is all about getting as much sun as you can as fast as you can before it goes away again.  This means biking, hiking, pools, splash pads, cocktails on the back porch, and lots and lots of AC when you get into the house again.  Too much sun, chlorine, sweat, and the summertime skin care slacking, can really make your skin lose water in its upper layers making it dull, dry, tight, and flaky, these are all signs of dehydration.

Dehydration can happen to anyone, even oily skin (although it is less prone), it’s all about a lack of water.  Hydrated skin has a subtle glow to it, it has a bounce, it naturally reflects light the way you wish that highlighter in your makeup bag would, but it’s also less prone to sensitivities, redness, and clogging.

I hear it all the time, “but I drink tons of water,” and that’s great for your body. Unfortunately, that isn’t enough to combat dehydration in the skin.  What I’m talking about is Transepidermal Water Loss or TWEL, that’s the amount of water we loose from the surface of our skin, and that amount can be different for everyone.  We exacerbate this issue with all of those exposures I talked about earlier, medications, stress, flights, and so many other factors, but rarely we think to protect against it.

Continue reading “Summer Skin Dehydration”

Acne and Food

If you are anything like me, you grew up with your mom telling you “don’t eat that, it’s going to give you zits.” High school for me was four years of thinking that chocolate, French fries, and pretzels, were the skincare devil. Surprisingly, it’s never been fully proven that there is a link between diet and acne, until now. Continue reading “Acne and Food”

Aging: The truth about Collagen

Those of you that know me in person have probably heard me say that collagen in skincare products don’t produce more collagen in the skin. So what is collagen, why do I need more of it, and where can I get it from if it’s not in my skincare? Continue reading “Aging: The truth about Collagen”

Summer Wedding Survival Guide

Whether you’re attending a summer wedding or you are in one, beauty snafus just seem to happen. Here are a few of my favorite tips for looking and feeling great during a long day of glamour.  Continue reading “Summer Wedding Survival Guide”

Amazon: Counterfeit Cosmetic Danger


I had a client come in having purchased her lash enhancing serum off AMAZON at a significant discount from MSRP. Her lashes fell out in clumps, she trusted Amazon for her purchase and received a counterfeit. PLEASE BEWARE! This incident could have been far worse; the lash product had the potential to permanently damaged her vision. Currently, we are unaware if her lashes will grow back due to damage of the hair follicle, but we are hopeful for a full recovery in 3-6 months. Continue reading “Amazon: Counterfeit Cosmetic Danger”

Hydrate with Infused Waters

I’m always talking to people about how important hydration is to the skin to keep it glowing and functioning properly. The modern world is so stressful on the body with all the heaters, air conditioners, caffeinated beverages, cocktails, late nights, early mornings and oh man can I make a list! What we don’t do is take the time to relax and enjoy the simple things like water. Continue reading “Hydrate with Infused Waters”

New Preservatives and New Precautions

You may have noticed some changes to your beauty products in the past few years that aren’t because they have discovered some new magic to make you look and feel better.  These changes are to the one thing that most of us never really cared about in our skin and hair care… the stabilizer. Continue reading “New Preservatives and New Precautions”

Allergy Season and Skin

SKIN TIP: It’s getting to be that time of year… ALLERGY SEASON!

For skin, seasonal allergies mean a few things that drive most of us nuts like dark circles, puffy eyes red noses and sensitive skin.  Many of us notice that our skin looks dull and yellowish when our allergies trigger, and you’re not crazy; this does happen!  The yellowish hue is because blood serums leak into the skin because of the inflammation in the body as it tries to protect itself. Continue reading “Allergy Season and Skin”